Working Papers

  • Structural Transformations and State Institutions in Latin America, 1900-2010. Under review.

  • Aiming Right at You: Group v. Individual Clientelistic Targeting in Brazil. Under review.

  • Income Taxation and State Capacities in Chile: Measuring Institutional Development Using Historical Earthquake Data. Under review.

  • Sectoral Origins of Income Taxation: Industrial Development in Latin America and The Case of Chile (1900-2010).

  • Does the U.S. have Healthier Democratic Values? Measuring Vote-Selling Elasticities Using a List and Conjoint Experiments.

  • Testing the Online Model of Candidate Evaluation in a More Realistic Environment. With Richard Lau and Mona Kleinberg.


I believe everything should be replicable and open source. When available, all my papers, data, R and LaTeX code will be available in a corresponding GitHub repository . Presumably, using the knitr package.