Peer-Reviewed Articles

  • Bahamonde, H. (2018). Aiming Right at You: Group versus Individual Clientelistic Targeting in Brazil. Journal of Politics in Latin America, 10(2), pp. 41-76.
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  • Bahamonde, H. (2011). El Secreto de mi Éxito: Parte II. Los Caminos a Valparaíso en 2009. Revista de Ciencia Política. 31(2), pp. 285-310. With Pilar Giannini, Juan Pablo Luna, Rodolfo López, Martín Ordoñez and Gonzalo Recart.
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Work In Preparation

  • Income Taxation and State Capacities in Chile: Measuring Institutional Development Using Historical Earthquake Data.
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  • Still for Sale: The Micro-Dynamics of Vote-Selling in the United States, Evidence From a List and Conjoint Experiments.
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  • Sectoral Origins of Income Taxation: Industrial Development in Latin America and The Case of Chile (1900-2010).
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  • Structural Transformations and State Institutions in Latin America, 1900-2010.
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  • Inclusive Institutions, Unequal Outcomes: Democracy, State Infrastructural Power and Inequality 1970-2015. With Mart Trasberg (Tulane).
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  • Recreating Market Conditions for Vote-Selling and Vote-Buying in the Lab: The Chilean Case. With Andrea Canales (O’Higgins University).

  • Testing the Online Model of Candidate Evaluation in a More Realistic Environment. With Richard Lau (Rutgers) and Mona Kleinberg (UMass - Lowell).
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